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Make Your MARK on The World
#protectyourpassion with a REGISTERED TRADEMARK
Have you BUILT a business and brand you LOVE?  
Are you worried that some other person may start using the amazing name YOU came up with?  

Do you panic on Facebook when you see a logo even remotely similar to yours??

Did you know that the ONLY way to legally protect your biz/brand/logo/course name is to register it as a trademark?
So What Does Having a Registered Trademark DO? 
  •  Ownership: With a registered trademark you OWN the 'mark' - meaning the name - for use in your area of goods or services
  • Legal Power: If a competitor starts using it or something similar, you can stop them in their tracks
  • You can use this: ® (ONLY once registered)
Let's Back Up a Sec... 
So what exactly is a trademark? 
A trademark is a designation of the source of goods or services (i.e., who made it or provides it). It’s not necessarily your business name but could be!

It is a word, phrase, symbol, or design (or combination) that distinguishes the goods/services of one party. Your MARK MUST be attached to something you are SELLING FOR $$ - a product or service - meaning, you couldn’t just trademark the name of a Facebook group.  

Examples of good/product registered trademarks:
-Nike Swoosh: Swoosh is the trademark and product is athletic clothing and shoes
-Absolut: Spelling and bottle shape is trademarked, product is vodka 🍸

How It Works
  You come up with a brilliant name for your biz/brand/course/product
  It's just TOO good and you're nervous someone is going to steal it
 You step up your CEO game and purchase below
  You receive a trademark questionnaire to complete
  I submit the application within 10 business days
  We wait!  I monitor the application and respond to any questions or Office Action Letters from the US Patent and Trademark Office (aka USPTO).  If all is well, there will then be a 30 day comment period for anyone who has an issue with it and then from there...
  You can use <--- that symbol 'cause you have your certificate and your trademark is registered! 
"An absolute breeze!"
Sarah made the trademark process an absolute breeze!

Before I knew it, I received a message from her saying my trademark was approved. 

It doesn’t get easier than that.
Alex Jimenez,Travel Fashion Girl
#1 Blog for Female Travelers
Having a registered trademark means you have a HUGE asset in your business. 

You OWN the name and keep others from infringing/using it in your industry! 

Imagine the peace of mind knowing that YOUR brand is protected for years to come.  #priceless

Ready to Step It Up in Your Business?
"I get to focus on doing what I love & she makes sure what I love is protected."
I don’t want to deal with all the legal language/documentation, so Sarah does it for me. I get to focus on doing what I love and she makes sure what I love is protected. 
Kelly Grignon, Life Coach
Destination Legal 
Trademark Registration Package

Includes the following:*

✔️ Trademark Application Prep  
✔️ A trademark search of federal, state, and common law to determine whether your word, design, or logo is already in use

✔️ Government Fees for 1 Trademark Class ($225)

✔️ Completion and filing of trademark application for one mark with the USPTO

✔️ Ongoing monitoring of the application with the USPTO and updates sent to your inbox.

✔️ Any written response necessary from an Office Action letter from the USPTO

✔️ A copy of your registration certificate if approved

✔️ Email communication throughout the process to answer questions 

*The full trademark registration process and approval can take anywhere from 4- 18 months (average is less than one year).  Note - there is no guarantee that any search will uncover all possible conflicts. 
Investment: $2,000 in full or 3 x $775
Your order is 100% Secured

"Getting my trademark with Destination Legal was one of the best decisions I've made in my business."

The process was so easy and stress free, not to mention it was so empowering to know I had the right support on my side and that I didn't have to navigate it on my own. I had heard horror stories and knew I wanted to protect myself and make sure the process went well. 

Not only did the process go well, but I feel like a true CEO having my business name protected and the peace of mind it has given me has been priceless. If you're thinking about trademarking I couldn't recommend Destination Legal enough!

Lacey Craig, Success Coach and Owner of A Lit Up Life
My business isn't in the United States, do I need a U.S. Registered Trademark? 
Yes - that is, IF your market/customers are in the US!  It doesn't matter where you or your biz are, but if your brand is present in the US, you want US protection

Does a U.S. trademark protect me internationally?
No - however, you can register in multiple countries. There is an application that allows multiple countries once you have do that initial application with the USPTO. If you want this, we can chat! 

Is a trademark registration guaranteed?
Unfortunately not!  However, I won't proceed with your application unless I'm 99% confident there is a high chance of approval. If I determine its not a good bet, I will issue a refund, minus $299 for the cost of the initial search and determination.

What's a trademark class and do I need more than one?
A 'class' is the goods or services you are selling that will be connected to the brand.  For example, Starbucks is protected under Class 030 for coffee and food.  If you are a coach, your services would be coaching, online training, etc.  I will help you figure this out (Classification is one of the main parts of the application process that can get screwed up by trying to do it on your own!) 

Do I need a lawyer for this?
No, anyone can file an application for a trademark. BUT (and that's a big but) the application process can be complicated and if the USPTO has ANY questions at all and sends an initial refusal, it can be super confusing for someone that isn't an attorney.  Sadly many people jump ship and think their mark was refused for good, but really they might just need to make a good legal argument!  
Why Trademark with Destination Legal?
Cause this is my jam! 
Hey there, I'm Sarah, attorney and owner of Destination Legal. I help online business owners build smart and legally protected businesses!  

Its my PASSION to help you #protectyourpassion. 

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